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Questions You Should Ask in an Interview – Q&As to stand out in your interview

May 2nd, 2012

Preparing for an interview can be challenging, but the process is not just about you answering questions.  A savvy candidate will have questions ready to ask, too.

Hiring managers want to know that prospective employees are engaged and interested in the company and the specific position being offered. Here are five basic questions you can ask during any interview.

  1. What is your biggest concern right now, and how can I be part of the solution in this role? Ask this question to show that you want to be a problem solver, not just another employee. Really listen to what the interviewer has to say; don’t interrupt; and try to mirror her language if you have follow-up questions. Do the same if you reference your possible contributions to the team in your thank you note.
  2. What else would the person in this role need to do over the next year to be a success? This question has dual value. It shows the interviewer that you have initiative, and it also tells them that you’re envisioning a future where you are part of the company. The interviewer will be pleased to hear a forward-thinking question like this.
  3. Can you describe your corporate culture? This question accomplishes several goals. First, it’s creative, which positions you as a thinker. Second, it challenges the interviewer to boil down the essence of their workplace in a few sentences. Finally, your interviewer’s response isn’t as important as how she responds. Watch her body language, posture and facial expressions. Look for consistency between actions and words.
  4. What types of people are successful in this company?  This is a perfect segue from the previous question. It is helpful to understand the team dynamic, as well as individual traits, that help someone succeed in this position.
  5. What’s the timeline for making a decision on this position?  By asking this question, you show the interviewer that you’re interested in the job, but you also get a deadline so you know if you need to move on to the next opportunity. You can add, “How might I follow up?”

Asking questions in an interview not only makes you sound prepared and interested, but gives you some control over the meeting.  Good luck on your next interview, and let us know how these tips worked for you.

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