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Subject Lines That Work

April 17th, 2012

Communications experts suggest that the subject line is the most critical part of the email as it attracts the interest of the recipient.  Or not!  Chances are that your email will be viewed if the topic is of interest or the specific message is clearly relevant to the reader.

A well crafted subject line is a critical part of the communication.  Each of us gets volumes of emails daily and could easily gloss over or delete an important email if the subject line does not stand out.

If you neglect to craft an appropriate subject line that gets the attention of the recipient, your email could end up in the trash … or worse, it could be labeled as spam.

Following are some basic tools for writing a compelling subject line:

  • Do write a subject that reflects the content in the email.
  • Do change the subject line in an evolving email chain.  For example, if the first exchange asks for availability to schedule a meeting, the subject line might read, “Need availability for meeting on April 25.”  Once the meeting is confirmed, the subject line in the follow up email might read, “Meeting confirmed for April 25.”   In this way, the subject line honors the content and the message is clear at a glance.
  • Do write in standardized English using correct grammar as business email should be treated as a formal encounter.
  • Do proofread and spell check the subject line.
  • Do not use unusual symbols in the subject line as even an exclamation mark in the subject line could send your email into a spam folder. Never use all caps as that is among the top spam flags.

In the CompliStaff office, we receive and send literally hundreds of emails, sometimes all in one day.  Have we missed an important email as we scan through a high volume of emails daily?  Yes, and we sincerely do not want to miss your important email, ever.

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